Rapid Reflections

Description: For me the real beauty of rapids can only be captured in an instant of time and really only with a photograph. Combined with reflections even better . I know these are a bit unorthodox for our site but wanted to post for opinions and see if the image resonates. I could leave the bottom 1/6 out and it would not be so obvious what this was but elected

to keep the orientation to rapids.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Is there too much going on in this image or many interesting areas?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: 200 mm f/22 1 sec iso 400

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites) no

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Mario you are the king of the swirls. Bravo!

Nothing wrong with posting “unorthodox” stuff here, in fact I would encourage you to show more of this type of image, it makes for an interesting abstract. I do like that you left the bottom, It injects a hint of reality into an otherwise abstract image, and that contrast of real/abstract adds some interest.

My only nitpick is that I wish there was slightly more space at the bottom, to show a bit more of that curling flow in the center. Here is a crude attempt at a rework, using PS Add Canvas and Content Aware Fill (which did an amazing job I thought).

Very appealing photo. I like the diversity of lines and textures, from the sweeping curves to the cottony wave crests. The green and gold color palette is nice. I think you’ve done a good job of composing a very chaotic scene. I just wish that there was more of the beautiful sweeping line along the bottom.

Thank you @Giuseppe_Guadagno @Chris_Baird @Ed_McGuirk for your time and comments/suggestions/rework. Ed , I actually had cropped this image so I had the bottom to p[lay with and added just as you did from original.

Beautiful image, Mario! I love all the colors and the action of the water and waves. I never think there can be too much going on! It’s great!

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Mario I too think that this is a perfect real to abstract image with nothind to remove and something to add as you did beautifully . II too love this kind of imeges.

Mario, I love this 1-second, swirly water abstract. I also appreciate the creativity and art that comes out from your “unorthodox” techniques!