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After starring learning my Macro photography, I always used to observe very little, little things in our environment and one such is the above photograph taken in an evening. As I am still learning, Macro thought of sharing with the group for their critical comments for further improving my skills and knowledge.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 70 D with 100 mm, Aperture f/2.8, shutter speed 1/320, ISO 160

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Welcome to the NPN community, Thiraviyam. What a lovely soft photo of this dandelion. The dark green background really makes the dandelion stand out. I hope that you will enjoy and learn from this community as much as I have. We look forward to more of your photos in the years to come.

Welcome to NPN, Thiraviyam. Great first post here. As @linda_mellor said the soft texture really helps to set it off nicely. I like the background too. Well done.

We hope to see more of your images and contributions here on NPN.

Welcome to NPN, Thiraviyam. A very nice first post. With the f2.8 f-stop you used, allows for very little in focus of the subject, which I have never tried on a dandelion seed head. Very interesting. Had you used, say, f11, more would have been in focus, but with the round subject, probably not all would have been in focus, so it wouldn’t seem as interesting as what you accomplished here. It also made the background smooth, as well as the stem of the dandelion. I like it!

I love macro photography, probably best of all. When I capture a tiny little subject, and I bring it up on the computer screen I am always amazed at the details that one would never see otherwise. I too look around for tiny things when I am out in nature.

I do look forward to seeing more of your images and contributions here at NPN.

Thiraviyam, welcome to NPN. This is an excellent first post. The sharpness around the rim looks good. I also like the negative space on the left. Many folks would crop this to square as that fits the shape of the bloom. That’s just a different way of presenting views like this and a choice that you get to make as the photographer.

Hi Linda, thank you so much for your feedback on my first post after rejoining

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Thank you so much and I will be posting in a regular basis to get feedback and suggestions

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Thank you so much and I will try with different aperture values and angles as each will give totally a different perspective

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Thiraviyam: Let me add my welcome to NPN and congratulations on a fine first post. You’re setting a high standard for yourself. I like your selective focus and the effect it has on the BG. My only trivial suggestion would be to give it a tiny bit more room on the bottom so that the tendrils don’t touch the edge of the frame. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more of your work. >=))>

Welcome, Thiraviyam! I agree with Bill’s comment about a bit more space at the bottom. I love the soft effect of f2.8, and also the composition. Do you use any post-processing, or is it straight out of camera?

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions. Will follow in future work Sir

Hi I didn’t do post-processing and came straight out of my camera

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