Receding Tide (With re-edit)


Rework with Lon and Cody’s suggestions

This image was taken in Olympic National Park at one of the beaches (I can’t remember) while the tide was receding. The exposed seaweed that was attached to rocks lay flat on it’s surface in various shapes and colors many of which resemble crab claws. I don’t know the name of the seaweed but it wouldn’t surprise me if I learned it was called crab claw seaweed. I used a polarizer to reduce the glare on some of the shiny surfaces which also increased the vibrancy of some of the claws. I thought this made for a weird and intriguing sort of abstract.

Specific Feedback Requested

Let me know if this works or if it’s just a pile of seaweed.
Anything that catches or pulls your eye?

Technical Details

Z7ii, 105mm macro lens, ISO 200, f/16, 1/40 seconds, manual mode, tripod


Love the colors, David and all of the swirling lines. Definitely does not look like just a pile of seaweed. Nicely seen.

Love the colors too, David. The dark blues and yellows blend so well together. The swirling motion brings your eye right to the middle where those beautiful blues meet. Great job.

Love the colors and detail in this. At first glance, I thought the blue seaweed was water!

The only alteration I would contemplate would be a vignette to help darken down the corners, as the seaweed there is a bit brighter than the center of the frame and therefore distracting.

David, I think this is a wonderful abstract, the contrasting colors work really well. The only thing from me would be to darken the yellow seaweed at the corners/edges, otherwise I really like it.

Wow, this great. The colours and textures combine wonderfully to provide not only an abstract image but a very different version of most other seaweed photos that I have seen.

This does SO work!! I love the range of bold contrasting colors. Definitely not a kind of seaweed I know.

This works well David. The mix of colors takes it over the top.


Outstanding! The mix of warm and cool tones are wonderful! Wonderful nature abstract. Love this!

Minor, but there is one highlighted sliver just below dead-center that you could burn down a tad. And then there is the highlights on the larger orange piece near the LLC. In fact that, and the larger brownish leaf in that LLC could either be burned down just to reduce it’s attraction and keeping the eye exploring the rest of the frame. Not sure if a crop would work. Both of these comments pretty picky - but you asked… LOL. :slight_smile:


Wow, David. Well seen and well captured. This is terrific. I’m guessing you had a polarizer on to keep the highlights down and saturate the colors. I can see this as a very large, mesmerizing print.

I had no idea how this image would be perceived when I posted it. Your comments and suggestions have certainly meant a lot to me in regard to this different image. Thanks @linda_mellor, @Donna_Callais, @Cody_Schultz, @LarryR, @Phil_G, @Diane_Miller, @Eva_McDermott, @Lon_Overacker, @David_Bostock.

I did have a polarizer on for this image David. It likely would have been rather harsh looking without it. Good catch.
Lon, I did ask and I’m glad you chimed in. I made the revision largely from what you and Cody had to say. Sorry about the darker frame. It makes it hard to do a comparison side by side.


This seaweed is called Fucus. It, of course, has no blue in it and that made it hard for me to warm up to the image. But if I can look at this as simply colors and shapes then it works better for me. In a dark background the blues seem to glow so I think that works well for the composition. I prefer the second of the two images. I would probably reduce the brightness of the yellower fronds thus making the image have less contrast. My thought is that with all that saturation you don’t need a lot of contrast as well.