Red Fox in Forest Meadow

Awesome to take this image following many weeks of scouting.

Specific Feedback Requested

Would appreciate feedback on color and composition as well as light. Any other comments also welcomed such as sharpness etc.

Technical Details

Processed in lightroom from raw file. Nikon D500 w 200/500 lense
SS 1/500
Zoomed at 220mm


Hey Dan, welcome to NPN. I am sure you’ll get a lot out of this community. I love the image of the Red Fox. Looking right at you too. Excellent. Hope to see more of your work soon.

Hi Dan !
Welcome to NPN!
A wonderful image to start your account here ! Tight wildlife portraits are not easy to pull off, but you have got a great portrait, wonderful subject, beautiful BG & expressions too !
A touch more room at the top would help.
Looking forward to more images from your repertoire :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Great animal behavior shot and showing the fox in its habitat. Wondering if you have used luminosity masks in PS? That would add some more dimension to a great portrait. I am still learning the masks myself but have seen them make the colors of the fox coat pop.

Many thanks Julie . I will check that out