Red Neck Pharalope with Bug

A tight crop to show off the just caught snack.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 2500, 400 plus 1.4X, f6.3, 1250th, cloudy, 60% of full frame

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Very cool, David. Also good job on getting this image. If they were behaving like the ones I saw in Nome, they’re always on the move and not at all easy to catch.

Difficult bird to find, let alone photograph. I wonder how this would look with cutting down the exposure of the water
Also, the head angle might be better if it were turned a bit ton. its left - but more often than not, this may not be an option

I agree with the comments already made. The guys move quickly and in a perfect world they would stop and let you pose them. This is a nice image.

Hi David
In that perfect work the Pharalope would have a key, fill and spotlight for the kick of eye, but we photograph what nature give us. The water droplets and bug are a nice touch. Maybe try a small brush on the eye to help it stand out more. Nice photo, it is my first view of the bird.

David, it’s a good look at the bird and it’s food, with the bug showing well. The ripples in the water show the action, with the reflection adding interest. The water drops are a fine extra.

Hi David,

This is a tough capture. Phalaropes seem to lose their fear if you approach them as low as possible and it looks like it worked nicely for you. Selectively bring up the shadows for the eye should help define the eye and reveal some highlights. Head could be turned better, but I’m not complaining. Nice image well worth the effort and patience…Jim