Red Necked Pharalope on turbulent water

Taken in Iceland in June. Very cloudy day with a lot of wind on the water and elsewhere. These parallel were going in and out of focus with the rising and falling of waves.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 2500, 400+1.4 X, F6 .3, 2000, handheld in very windy and rainy weather.

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Awesome capture! I would be thrilled just to see this. You really did a great job of showing the motion but also keeping the eye sharp and feather details. I love the facial expression too. Looks like a bored commuter!

I’m a big fan of compositions where the subject is in front and the trailing splash is kicking up behind like this. It helps tell the story. Also interesting to see this lovely species in a less placid environment!

The nicely focused sea weather here tells a good story as the Phalarope goes about its business.

This image is just wonderful! The smaller version does no favours.

You’ve captured the water beautifully to show colour, shape and action. I’m also liking the position of the bird in the frame which, to me, is quite unusual. The little splash of orange on the bird is the icing on the cake.

I wonder if you would consider flipping the image horizontally?

The bird is wonderful, both as a lovely subject and a commendable capture – but that water – WOW! Beautiful!