Red Necked Pharalope

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the previous Pharalope image. I have hopefully made appropriate adjustments in the current posting. These images were taken on a very windy day with 30 KPH winds, half a meter wave heights with less than a meter frequency between waves. It was extremely difficult to focus on the birds because they were moving, changing position rapidly and the waves were constantly in motion. The wind was powerful enough to push my 400 mm lens. This was some of the most challenging conditions I have ever faced. Sorry there is no head turn.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 1000, 400 mm +1.4 X, F6 .3, 2000th, cloudy, raining, and very windy. Handheld. 20% of full frame.


You triumphed in the fight. The bird is nicely positioned and crisply focused. The green water does a great job highlighting the rusty brown of the pharalope. It’s amazing what they can survive in and, really, not even care about. It’s just life for them.

The eye is nice and sharp and the bird has good detail. I like the waves, they give some drama to the image. Nice capture.

Very good, David. You did a good job in challenging conditions.

Lovely shot with great colours - I like how the sea BG and slope of the bird adds to the feeling of being out in rough waters.

This is an amazing image, David! It looks like you’re right in the water with the bird!

Hi David, love the colors on the bird and the sense of riding the waves. Well composed and I think the water compliments that of the bird.