A simple image: a large weeping willow, bent over a stream. I captured the reflection in the water.

Specific Feedback Requested

There are a lot of autumn colored leaves floating on the water. I focussed on the reflection of the tree; would you like to see the floating leaves more/less sharp?
Any other comments are welcome as well. Maybe the image doesn’t appeal to you at all.

Technical Details

Pentax K3 Mk. III, Sigma 2.8/17-70 @28mm, 1/200sec, f/5.6. It was windy, I had to turn up the ISO to 3200 to get a shutter speed that would capture the tree more or less sharp.


Hi Han! I like the image. The leaves work well with the tree reflection. It’s nice the way they contrast those branch reflections.

Hello Han, this is a wonderful, fall scene. Great use of the water and floating leaves to accentuate the reflection of the tree. The leaves are fine as far as sharpness goes. I think it’s much more important to have the tree reflection sharp with the leaves as an accent. This also works really well turned vertically. Well done.

Very nice Han, especially when opened large. I like the subtle details in the water as a counterpoint to the wonderful tree and sky. I hadn’t thought of it, but @David_Bostock makes a good point that you’ve got both a great horizontal and vertical here.

Sharp leaves would be perfection, but I agree that it is a nit and not a significant concern here.

I think either sharper leaves or blurrier leaves would both work well but the image is fine as is. Normally in reflection scenes, you get some sort of ripples in the water to indicate this is actually a reflection but in general I don’t get that here. That was probably your intention since you upped the IOS to get everything sharp and I get that. It still works well. As both @David_Bostock and @John_Williams point out, this makes a terrific portrait image as well. I might experiment with raising the exposure slightly. Well seen Han!

I think you’ve picked the story you want to tell and told it very well here, Hans. The view is clearly about the reflection, but with the added context of fall and fallen leaves.

Very creative and well executed. I think this works as is! Love the structure the reflecting tree gives without being too obvious.

Thank you all, @John_Williams , @David_Bostock , @David_Haynes , @Mark_Seaver , @Eric_Bennett and @Cameron_Wilcox for your valuable comments.
It’s funny to see how one is restricted by the moment of the exposure: it didn’t occur to me that the image can be rotated. I stood on a small foot bridge over the stream, when I captured this one. The tree was stretched more or less parallel to the bridge. But a vertical image is certainly possible.

I love this image. Many photographers work with this idea but you’ve pulled it off about as well as it can be done. The tree has a beautiful shape and the leaves are optimally arranged. I don’t even see any blur in the leaves.

Thank you, @Igor_Doncov .
I was lucky with the surface of the water: it was windy, but the tree itself and the tiny bridge sheltered the water a bit against the wind. No ripples at this moment.