Revisited this little lake 3 times to get different perspectives on these beautiful color laden small lilies. The maple in the center and the other trunks attracted me to this image. I think it looks better viewed larger.

Specific Feedback Requested

Comp and processing. Does this lack a focal point for the eye? I am drawn to the center red then the trunks but interested in others opinions.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
200mm f/11 1/40 sec iso 160

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My eye is drawn to the trunks initially, and then it drifts down to the bright patch of water in the LRC… With out the trunks, I don’t think this image works, but with the elements that I mentioned, I think it works reasonably well. The color palette is interesting , the hints of red and purple work well.

To my eye, this feels slightly crisp (over-sharpened), but just barely. It will be interesting to see if anyone else agrees, admittedly it’s subjective.

I like the graphic quality of all those repeating minute lily pads. It’s like many violins rapidly being stroked repeatedly. The end result is mesmerizing.

This tapestry doesn’t need a focal point any more than do the patterns in Muslim art.

I really like this, Mario. I could imagine it really huge on a wall.

Thank you all @Ed_McGuirk @Vanessa_Hill @Igor_Doncov for your time to comment, appreciated.
Igor, I see your reference to Islamic art with the repeating lilly pattern, interesting.