I took this photo in 2010 in the Pacific Northwest because I liked the moss growing over the top of this phone booth. Little did I know that the whole idea of a phone booth would disappear. I think was in the Olympic National Forest near a visitor center.

what a great find!
a RELIC for sure. I wonder if it’s even still there…
Excellent pic -

A very cool image, just as an image, Kathy, and very appropriate to the challenge.

Kathy, I had to stop and comment on this image. A very classic take on this previous common place communication tool.
Being an ex-telecom person from the very early days of battery & ground right up thru VoIP service I’d seen it all. Never did wireless, but mostly all PBX - EPBX - DPBX systems.
Yes, the technology has zoomed by in the last 100 years or a long single life span as it were. This is a bit later in life unit, DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) a.k.a Touch Tone Dialing, pay station may still be in usage in certain areas of non cell service locations. This remote site maybe one of them…:cowboy_hat_face:

A great find, Kathy. Love all the green, especially the moss on top of the phone stand. It does have me wondering where’s ET?

Following up on Paul’s comments, in Yellowstone, there is limited cell service and only at the prime visitor spots. However, the park has it’s own 911 service. We had a bear run into the side of our car. When my wife dialed 911 on her cell, it jumped from 1 bar to 5 bars and we had a ranger there in 10 minutes.

This is really striking, Kathy. I love the title too. It all works: nature taking over outdated technology, contact in an area devoid of people, all good narratives to attach to an intriguing image. I especially like the reflected green in the reflective surfaces of the phone.

Kathy: What a great find and what a story it tells. Besides the phone itself that’s passe’ there’s also the phone book. :+1::+1:>=))>

Hoh Rainforest. I took the same picture in 2006. My guess is it is still there.