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Yesterday walking in a park nearby my home, I came across a few small tress covered by yellow lichen. This is one of the images captured.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome. A specific question as is always the case for this type of images, does the other branches make the image to busy?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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Hi @ola

Those yellow lichen make a gorgeous subject. The surrounding branches may be a bit busy but i think the image works because the yellow stands out from the rest. Composition wise i think it is well composed, its not a easy scene to frame, but that diagonal main branch and the perpendicular smaller ones work fine.
Hope you don’t mind that i download the image to make some adjustments that, to me, can make a diference:

I raised the blacks so the image as a bit more of a soft feel to it . Then i raised the saturation of the yellow to make them pop, and of the reds on the background, they may the subtle but i think that pushing their saturation helps to create separation from the neutral white branches and simplify the image.

Never saw a lichen so “yellow” and so bright. A very appealing find, thanks for sharing.

This has a wonderful sense of synergy and motion with those upward sweeping branches, Ola. They do not make the scene to busy IMO. I like the flow of the branches from the LRC toward the ULC while having the diagonal of the moss covered tree flowing in the opposite direction as it creates some nice visual tension. Very nicely done.

I guess I do find this to be overly busy. Perhaps the subject itself doesn’t seem that interesting. I think I understand what attracted you to this though.

The color of the lichen is very striking. The image also has some visual interest because there are branches both with and without lichen mingling together. It’s sort of like two patterns with one superimposed on the other.

I find the image as presented to be a little bit too busy. However there are some very strong diagonal lines in the upper 2/3’s of the image, and I think these lines help make the structure of that part of the image stronger. I might consider a crop like this, eliminating part of the bottom where the image is more chaotic.

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Great look at some excellent lichen. Put me down for @Ed_McGuirk’s crop. I think it tightens up the composition nicely and deals with the busy issue.

@Ed_McGuirk , @Harley_Goldman , @Igor_Doncov , @João_Ferrão and @Ed_Lowe thanks for your comments. I have added a repost based on the proposed changes.