Ripples and Waves

RE-POST (16:9 crop)

This was taken at my first time to Death Valley, Feb. 2020, at the Mesquite Dunes. I was thrilled to be walking the dunes, in dark, before sunrise. Then, to see where I was and watch the effect of the sun crossing over the dunes. It was beautiful, and I was happy to come away with this image and a couple others to commemorate my time there.

Specific Feedback Requested

Composition? I think this composition is sort of “ordinary”, and has been seen many times. I guess I can say how I like the light on the left side of the frame is somewhat balanced by the dark mounds towards the right side of the frame. Open to your thoughts.

Tone. I also decided to go easy on the processing and keep this rather gray, light, and soft (vs. more contrasty). This reflects the calm peacefulness I felt being there that morning.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
1/13 sec
ISO 100


It’s hard to get tired of shots like this @Mark_Muller! This is beautifully rendered. I find my self pulled to the upper margin where the frequency of repetition accelerates a good bit. I’d be tempted to crop off the upper 10% and display as a ~16:9 as it further simplifies the composition to my eye and creates a greater sense of calm…if not more abstract/graphic.

Mark, while this may be a common comp. of large dune fields, it works wonderfully here. I think your low contrast treatment lends a good touch of sensuality. Leaving out any sky also gives a sense of the dunes going on forever and angling the ridges and valleys across the frame is nicely dynamic. This is very well done.

I like this, Mark. The dunes do have a softly sculpted look: more molded with a hand than carved with a knife and the relatively low contrast presentation works nicely with that to create the peaceful mood you were trying to achieve.

Well done Mark! I have fretted over my dune images looking for a clean, interesting and pleasing comp. The lighting and processing look just about perfect to me and the repeating symmetry of the dunes is just great! Congrats!

@Jim_McGovern, @Mark_Seaver, @Dennis_Plank, and @Keith_Flood…Thank you for your kind comments. I’m glad you were able to enjoy this.
Jim, I’ve posted an edit up top, with a 16:9 version with about 10% off the top. I like the ratio, and probably could play around with which lines/curves stay in the frame,

@Mark_Muller…this works perfectly to my eye. Again, this is your vision, not mine, but this crop leads to a beautiful rendition. I really think you have a tremendously intimate and evocative image here.

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