Road to Seward

Sony a6300 16-70 f4 @24mm f11 1/125 sec ISO100 handheld

Another image from my life changing road trip to Alaska back in June 2018. Any and all feedback is welcome. If you look close enough there is a waterfall just to the right of the center of the image. Everything I did was in LR, nothing that crazy. All basic adjustments as well as HSL to get everything back to how I feel like it was in person. A common thought that have will all of my images from this trip is “What would this look like in the fall?”

IG: @upperleft_jeff

This reminds me of a memorable drive we took from Anchorage to Seward a while back. The whole drive had really spectacular scenery. This is a fine shot of a special part of the world.

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I too love that part of the Kenai Peninsula. My only suggestion would be to shoot this on a moodier day. There is often low clouds hovering over the mountain tops that makes it interesting.

From your avatar it looks like you made it to the “Into the Wild” school bus. Good for you.

@Dave_Douglass it has been one of my favorite all time drives so far in my young life, cannot wait to do it again! Thank you.

@Igor_Doncov you and me both! If only I could control the weather…one thing for sure is next time I am in that area I am going to spend an extended time. I believe it was near moose pass, I will have to look it up. This day I know I drove from Anchorage to Seward with a few stops at sites in-between. NO shortage to thing to see. The bus in my picture is a replica of that bus. It was at a brewery, I believe Denali Brewing. We stayed the night at a campground right behind it. The bus had everything on the inside as the real bus as well as a bunch of memorabilia, super cool!