On The Road To Kennecott

Wrangell St Elias NP, Alaska
Sony A77II
Sony DT 16-50 f2.8 @ 28mm
ISO 200, 1/320 @ f8

Taken on our Alaska trip in 2017. I processed this but never posted :thinking:. This is an HDR composite and is from the road to the old Kennecott mine site. All comments regarding the HDR especially welcome. >=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Beautiful colors and scene. I would be tempted to add a little more contrast to the image, but that is my only suggestion.

What time of year was this? I camped along that road in August 2017, but never made it all the way back to Kennecott.

Harley: This was taken 8-27-17. We did go all the way to the mine. I’m amazed that folks got back there with a railroad over 100 years ago. A testimony to the persistence and determination of those miners.

Hi Bill,

This image feels like an automated HDR image; the colors are too vibrant and bright.
The lack of vignette also makes it feel strange.

The comp makes me wish I could see more of the mountain in the reflection, Or crop off all that yellow at the bottom. I covered the yellow with a note pad and it felt a lot better.



I liked the composition but thought the colors were a little too bright. I just darkened the entire image and then darkened the sky a little more.


Don: I like what you did here. I think it also brings out the play of light and shadows on the mountains a bit better. Thanks.>=))>

This is a gorgeous scene which I think Don nailed on the repost, Bill. This makes me want to go back to Alaska as it has been many years since we visited.


A bit late here, but just getting back in to the swing of things after the holiday layoff.

A terrific and classic Alaska landscape image. Initially I wasn’t thinking HDR processing, but after comments I can see how that process kinda flattened things out a bit. I do like results of Don’s edits. I think a big improvement.

In both versions, I find the rainbow of colors hinted in the mountain to be especially cool and appealing. Great colors throughout, even when tamed.