Rose Breasted Grosbeak...It Must Be Early May In Kentucky

Canon 75-300mm telephoto

1/100th, f/5.6, 300mm, ISO 100

An older image. We see RBGs here in Louisville around late April, early May. Then they move north as I’ve seen them later in the year north of here in Indiana. Let me know what you think, good, bad or otherwise!

I personally like how the branches frame the bird even though a couple are out of focus.

Thanks for looking!

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Nice job on a bird I’d love to see sometime, Jim. The branches do make an inteesting frame, but I think the ones straggling off to the upper left are a bit more than necessary, particularly the bright one just below the crossing. What is that tree anyhow? It sure has a wild growth pattern.

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Really nice image! Gorgeous bird with great detail, and nice BG.
I’d personally remove all branches other than the one he is on and the right vertical one. The others are messy and OOF, and detract a bit. The white circle on the right could go too…


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Looks like an Eastern redbud to my eye. If you would like to keep the branches, try to remove the green fringing that is apparent in the uppermost horizontal branch. I like the pose and trhese guys are never easy to get…Jim

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A gorgeous bird and a tough one to get. Nice pose. I agree with Sandy about removing the branches.
I’ll be the contrary one and say I think the bird lacks feather detail. Noise reduction on the background would also help.

Nice color and detail on the bird. I would also remove the out of focus branches and the one to the mid right. It will be a lot stronger composition.