Rose-breasted Grosbeak, female

Though not as colorful as the male, still very pretty in her own right. I have three males hanging around, but just this one female that I’ve seen. They will soon be moving on north to their breeding grounds.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm IS USM zoom @ 220mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec., ISO 1250, Hand Held. Processed in ACR and PSE 2020 for exposure, sharpness, and cropping. Topaz De-noise applied.

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You got her! They are striking in a more camouflaged way. Such a nice tilt of the head - shows off her eyebrow stripe to perfection. You might try burning in the pinkish patches and maybe the bright green around her left foot, but otherwise, wow. Just terrific. The face and beak are crisp and the focus falls away nicely through the body.

Hi Terry, nice catch of the female with good critical focus on the head. These are definitely beauties in their own right. Exposure looks spot on - well done.

Excellent, Terry. One of your best to date. A great pose and head turn and your focus and exposure are spot on. Very well done.

Thanks @Kris_Smith @Allen_Sparks @Dennis_Plank. She definitely gave me a terrific pose. The nice thing about these birds is they always land on a perch before going to the feeder. That allows some critical time to get composed.

Excellent view of a lovely bird!! IQ is wonderful. Foe me, an alternative crop would be to bring it in a bit from the top and both sides – you certainly have the IQ for it.

Thanks! I considered cropping it tighter, but decided to leave her some room.

I really like this image. The pose and the diagonal branch fit in well. Background is excellent although you could decrease some of the green saturation a tiny bit. Detail on the bird is perfect.

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