Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Amazed to find one in the open and holding still long enough to get a photo.
I did have to remove a small twig that was coming up from below.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon EOS R6, Canon RF 100-500 lens, f 7.1, 1/000 sec,ISO 2000, 500mm.
LR and PS.
All comments appreciated.


This reminds me of an oriental painting - a beautiful catch with that long-legged pose and evocative background. Might it be possible to clone out the oof small twig in the LLC?

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I agree with Mike, my first thought was of a painting. Nice composition and the background works very well with the bird and foliage. Nice job.

Proof of ‘less is more’ (less mm I mean) - the wide set-up emphasises the delicate features and size of the bird. At first, I wanted to write that it would have been nice should the bird have looked a bit more towards the camera, but the way the image is strengthens the idea of being an onlooker, witnessing a beautiful scene. The OOF branch could be removed, but would requires some work (I am not an expert at that). All in all a wonderful shot ! Cheers, Hans

I removed the oof branch. Cleans it up.


Lovely light despite being somewhat back lit. Colors perfect!. So is the composition and the DOF is what it should be!
Suggestions - darken the background

Also , I would have liked to see the bird look towards me but even then, it seems to be engrossed in something !

I guess, in many cases, you take what they give you. A second later and he was gone into the branches.

What a cute little bird – the pose works very well for me in this lovely environment! The hint of detail in the UR corner is so nice to find as I follow his gaze. Wonderful job on the cleanup!

The image is very strong as is but I wondered about a tiny bit of digital fill flash…

Diane, thank you. I have never used that before and had to go to you tube to figure it out. I tried it and was able to darken the background a bit then lighten the bird.
Not sure it improved anything but, it was my first try and I will try again. Feel free to play with this shot and show me how it really works if you like.
Thanks again.

I love this image! It has a very natural feel to it, which I always appreciate.

Thanks, Charlie – glad you liked the idea. I used a soft-edged brush to add a quick mask, letting it taper off before the edges of the bird for a 3D effect. Go out of QM mode and do a curve to lighten.