Ruby-throated hummingbird

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Set up a hummingbird feeder this week and started taking some photos. Have previously only taken some in the wild.

No flash or special setup; just a tripod & gimbal

Technical Details

Shutter 1/2000 and 1/2500
ISO 1600 and 3200

Post processing in LR, Photoshop and Topaz DeNoise

Nice catches of the various flight positions, Eddie. The first two look nice and sharp with excellent detail in the plumage. I do see one spot on the first that looks a bit hot-you might try bringing it down a little in just that one area. I like the tongue out in the third image, but it seems a bit soft all over to my eye. I also like the amount of motion blur in the wings in all three images-nice choice of shutter speed.

Hi Eduard
I agree with Dennis on the first two photographs. The third has a green cast to it? Any day you can get clean photographs of a Hummingbird in flight is a good day.

Hi Eduard, nice captures of these hard to get hummers. I like the wing positions and blur as Dennis states. Nice backgrounds too. Agree on checking first and third image for hot whites. Well done.

Looks good and the hot spots can be reduced in post processing if so desired. Try to have a flower or perch included in the image for context. Placing a flower in front of or adjacent to the feeder can impprove the comp as well. Well done…Jim