RWBB calling

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Seen recently at a local park.

Specific Feedback

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

Canon R7, 400mm f4 DO IS II, 1.4x extender III, monopod
ISO 2500, f5.6, 1/2500s

Processed in DXO Pure Raw 3 and Photoshop.

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I love the circle formed by the wings and tail, Allen. It was the perfect angle to get this bird. The blacks look good, but I think you could use that new color picker in LR and boost the luminosity in the reds a bit to make them really pop.

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You caught the RWBB in a rather unique pose. Nice look at the shoulder patches and singing as well. Nice one.

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Allen, this is certainly a “stop and look at me” shot. How lucky is that. The ladies certainly must be paying attention. How long did he pose for you? I am a newbie at all of this. I would like to know your thinking for the settings you used?

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Hi Barbara, thanks for the comment.
As far as settings, I was mostly trying for flight shots of RWBBs and kingfishers there at the pond. It was cloudy that morning so I needed to use a somewhat high ISO to get the shutter speed for flight shots. I chose ISO 2500 because I knew I would get clean files using DXO Pure Raw 3. The aperture was wide open to achieve the fast shutter speed. While I tried to track this bird in flight between perches, he landed close to me and briefly called out. This pose came and went quite rapidly. I was shooting at 30 fps and got three similar frames with this being the only complete “circle”.
Hope that answers your question.

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Yes, Allen, that is very helpful. I have been very frustrated with trying to catch them as they move about. I need to see what my Sony a7iv will do. I tried increaseing the rate of fps when I was photographing a hope dancer and got into a lot of trouble. I am told it may be a function of the memory cards I am using. I don’t want to spend $$$ on a fast one.

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This looks like a buff, weightlifting bird Allen. Just look at those shoulders. I think it could take on just about anything and I’m sure that’s what he’s telling his rivals in the area. Nice details, and excellent pose in this image. Thanks for going through your thought process on image speed, etc.