Sand patterns

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


My first destination this day was to a field of flowers but the light was not complimenting the scene well at the time I got there so I moved on to my local beach. I came upon these intricate patterns left by the tide.

Specific Feedback

I decided to compose to have the overall direction of the patterns be diagonal to emphasize a sense of movement. I also decided on a “standard” focal length to showcase an overall pattern rather than any detailed section. Effective choices?

Technical Details

I ended up appling a black and white treatment and then reintroduced a bit of the natural yellow color in the mid-tones/highlights and blue in the shadows with PS photo filters. This helped even out the exposure levels on some of the edges.


Dean, the pattern is very attractive and you’ve got a good sense of movement as the floq lines angle across the frame. This large view works well.

Thank you, @Mark_Seaver.

This turned out to be a great plan B, Dean. The diagonal placement of the sand patterns works beautifully and imparts a nice sense of motion to the scene. I also like your processing here. My only suggestion; and this is being very picky; would be to dodge the LRC just a touch to even out the tones with the rest of the scene. Great eye to spot these patterns.

Thank you, @Ed_Lowe. Good catch on the LRC.

I also do a lot of sand patterns, and this one caught my eye right away. Lovely abstract, and the b&w treatment with shades of grey is very nice.