Sea Anemone

On the rocks by the sea, when the tide retreats. Shot through atlease 6 inches of water in a tidal pool.

6DII, Tamron 180, ISO 800, F8, 1/80

Balan Vinod

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Oh so very cool. What a nice find. The water is so clear that I think I can see maybe a tiny shrimp down in there. Nice details and the colors are gorgeous. Nothing like light through water.

Very cool image. I assume you used a polarizer to get rid of the reflections in the water?

Beautiful specimen and excellent photo.

Balan, this is really neat. Amazingly clear water, and great shot of this sea creature. Wonderful details, especially considering shooting through water, I wouldn’t think that would be easy.

David…Many thanks for your kind words. I did not use a polarizer. There a small time windows where the shadow the overhead rocks took away the reflection on the tidal pool.

There was a good 20 Gb of frames of this individual anemone, the entire thing done hand held with the 180mm, leaning / sticking myself against the slanting rock surface.
Worked on this over three tide retreating cycles.

Balan, this is a lovely look at this Anemone, with good color coordination between the Anemone and it’s surrounings. There’s a hint of softness that says you were shooting through clear, quiet waters. I think that bit of softness fits the scene very well, creating just a hint of mystery/dreaminess.

Really nice image Balan! I am drawn to the tentacles and background pattern, lending to a sense of flow for this sea creature! Well done!

Mark…thanks for your kind words. Possibly the softness could be because the tentacles are not still. There was movement I guess and also contributed with the slow shutter …could be …


Thank you Keith fo your words

Thanks Shirley for your words

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Awesome photo Balan and not easy to do with the water. Being in the shadows helped a lot and the details came out very nice. The overall composition is very good