Semipalmated Plover

This an older image from the beach in Gulfport Sept 2011. Many of you may know that these little ones are constantly on the move, but much like their black bellied cousins, they’ll stop briefly on occasion. This one happened to pose squarely in profile, so even at close range and wider aperture I got the whole bird in good focus, and the shot is at full frame, and not too shabby for a 10mp 4/3rds sensor. But, it’s such a boring pose that I was hesitant to even post it. Anyhow, here it is.

My main question is composition. As 4:3 full frame I’d considered cropping closer to 3:2 aspect, don’t know.

Olympus E-3 Zuiko 300 F2.8 +2x, on Wimberley I, ISO 400 1/2000 f6.3 -1/3EV

Bill, I can see cutting a little from the bottom to take out the distracting (to me) portion of the leg reflection. There should be enough at the top you can crop to get your 3:2 aspect, or at least close. I think you could still crop a small amount from the left to reduce the centering.

A nice, sharp image of the Plover makes up for the static pose. Good catch light and the water drop is a nice touch. The setting with the alternating sand and water is nice as well. Agree with Phil’s thought on cropping to remove the reflection.

I’ll third the crop from the bottom, Bill. I wouldn’t worry about getting an exact 3:2 aspect ratio unless you want to fit it to a pre-cut mat. Just trim it so it looks right to you. Excellent detail and I like the light.

Excellent point of view, composition, detail, light, and perch (mud). I really like the soft pastel almost pinkish shading to the mud. I would have to look at this in your proposed crop to see if I liked it better. Right now I like the way it is.

Lovely shot, in wonderful light and from a good vantage point ! Okay, a short-cut: for some reason I find it hard to look at 4:3 ration, so I would opt definitely for a 3:2. But maybe I’m just old fashioned :wink: … Love it ! Hans

Hi Bill,

A cute little plover. You could rubber stamp tool the leg reflection out if you so desire. Cropping this image some more would compromise quality. I’d leave it as is…Jim