Sentinel in the Snowballs

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I posted this guy here a week ago guarding the feeder from the same tree but since then it snowed, and presented an interesting environment for him to be in so I’m kind’ve repeating the subject here.

Specific Feedback

Aside from some chromatic aberration what do you say? I thought about cloning out that upper RH dark spot but decided that it did fill that blank area a little to help out.

Technical Details

Z9, 180-600 lens, Nikon 1.4 TC, monopod, 1/1000th, f 9.0, 1260mm, ISO 1100, cropped to 3044 x 3375

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I love the composition, Dave, but for some reason the focus doesn’t seem to be on the hummingbird and he’s looking rather soft. By the way, down toward the bottom section of the develop menu in LR is a section that allows you to select your camera/lens combination and correct for chromatic aberration. It works pretty well most of the time.

Thanks for this! I was not aware of that setting however it does not list my lens to select. Pretty limited selection, and I can’t figure our how to expand the list to find mine (Nikon 180-600 zoom). Any suggestions?

That’s odd. Does your lens show up in the exif data in LR? The only other reason
I could think of is if it’s a brand new lens model and they haven’t got it in the system yet or your LR hasn’t been updated in a while.

It does show up on there. I think I have the latest upgrade to LR Classic.

Hi Dave, love seeing all the snow in this image - adds a whole ‘nother level of interest. I see Dennis’ points about the bird softness and chromatic aberration. I think the composition is strong enough here to put this as a winner as a more artistic image.

I like the composition with the snowballs and the position of the hummer. I can’t say I noted much softness in the hummer, but for me, it seemed to blend in with the sky. I wonder about darkening the sky a bit. Do you ever use the High Pass filter for sharpening? It might boost the contrast a bit in the hummer, so it stands out more. May work, may not. Pretty nice image you have here.