Small Butterfly

Does the photo seem bright, I thought of adjusting the area below and above the butterfly. I did apply a Graduated adjustment in LRC to help darken the base some.

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D 100-400 ii at 400mm F/11 1/1000 sec iso 800

i am not an expert but - yes the photo seems bright. some darker areas would help balance it. and maybe crop some of the bottom of the image.

Dean, this could stand a bit of overall darkening, especially to show a bit more detail in the base of the wings of the bf, although there are no overexposed colors. The colors are quite strong, but that what lots of folks like in flowers, the bright green background fits well.

Dean, I’m sorry I missed commenting on this one. Coming in way late! I love these little skippers, but they can be quick. About the time you have him framed and ready to click the shutter, you find he has moved on. I agree with the others that it is a tad bright on my screen as well. The skipper is nice and sharp, and placed well in the image.