Snow Apollo

Parnassius stubbendorfii is one of two butterflies in this genus found in S. Korea. It is much more common and widespread than P. bremeri and nectars on several plants. Here it is last week on wild Valeriana fauriei .

Specific Feedback Requested

I tried to catch it at the right angle so that the semi-transparency of the wings was visible. The sun was bright, but sometimes there was no reflection, as here. I really like how this butterfly obliges by flying gracefully and then perching more often than not with open wings. All comments welcome.

Technical Details

D500 + 105mm f2.8 macro. 1/1250 f13 ISO 1600

Topaz Denoise and reducing of Highlights in PS.


You have been finding some beauties, Mike. You’ve caught the semi-opacity really well with the flower showing behind. The open wings are fascinating and have terrific detail. What a fuzzy little creature, too. The variation in this quality is always interesting to see. What a delicate beauty. If you were so inclined you could attempt to clone or darken the stem above the left wing. A beauty!

Oh, what a beauty, indeed, Mike. A fine job capturing the wings in such a way that the flowers show through. I appreciate you working to make that happen. I don’t think I have seen a butterfly with wings like that, so this was a real treat. So glad that he likes to have his wings open a good bit, which most butterflies I fine keep bringing them up together making it a bit harder to capture them open. I also like how you have some of the flowers showing around him and framing him. Well done.

A real beauty, Mike. As others have mentioned, the transparency of the wings is a real plus, here. A beautiful butterfly, well captured.

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Hi Mike,

The comp looks pretty good and the details present on the butterfly’s wings is perfect. What makes this shot special is the transparency of the wings. Very nice photo…Jim

Mike: What a great combination of subject and perch. The transparency of the wings is a show stopper for me. Terrific capture. >=))>

Gorgeous! What amazing wings! And a perfect perch to show off both the translucency of the wings and the general shape of the butterfly. Well done!