Snowy Egret fight

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Had my camera at ground level to photograph these two Snowies having a dispute. The early morning light provided for some beautiful BG color.

Technical Details

Sony A1
1.4 TC
1/2500 at f/9
ISO 3200


This is utterly gorgeous Kurt. An amazing contrast between the two snowies going at it and that lovely background. What was the background anyhow? It looks like the snowies were in the shade from the slight blueish tone and I think you could bring them up just a trifle to help them compete better with the background.

Beautiful work. Snowy’s are placed well and the composition is well situated. The image has very nice light and color allowing the birds to stand out.

Hi Kurt, beautiful image showing intense interaction. Love the background and its reflection setting the scene for this capture. Well done!

Beautiful capture! The background blur and color really help accentuate the subject. The splashing water conveys well the sense of action in the image. Nice work.

Great action poses with the rear egret leaping out of water, Kurt. The low angle, light and the background make this image unique. Love the expressions on the egrets. The rear egret looks a little soft, looks like you might have needed a spot more DOF. A fine image, nonetheless.

Great action between the egrets-their open beaks definitely tells a story. Great background and reflection-really elevates the whole image.

Oh wow, Kurt, what a shot. I love these birds, and they can put a show on. So glad that they did this for you in front of a wonderful BG. These needs some wall space if you have it.

Really beautiful colors and great positioning of the birds. I might bring up the white on the birds just a bit (a little too shady) but otherwise, fantastic.

Hey Kurt…you absolutely nailed this one. The interaction between the two snowies is really special. Both have open beaks and you have great eye contact with both birds. The legs play a huge role in the dynamics of this image. I love the water drops from both birds. The head feathers are raging and man oh man, that background is something special. It’s really what makes this image so special. Congratulations on an epic image.

This is an incredible image. I absolutely do not see anything that you could do better. The interaction between the two birds, the tack sharp focus, the feet of the one airborne bird, the open beaks, the colours between the birds and the background. You captured these two birds perfectly. This is an award winning image.

Really nice to see how these two shapes play off each other. The colorful background is certainly a bonus. You obviously had to sacrifice a little DoF to ensure a fast shutter speed, but I think you made the right choice.