Soft snowy morning

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


April showers up here are more likely to be snow than rain and this is a typical example taken on April 17, 2017 across the road from my house. I’m glad I used to prowl there often because now my neighbors live there. They’re great, but on the whole, I’d rather they picked a different lot to build on. Anyway…this was early morning with the sun just cresting the trees. I really liked the contrasts and the coating of snow on everything - about 1/2 an inch or so.

Specific Feedback

It is a bit unfocused, but then woods is. The little tree holds its own well enough, right?

Technical Details

Probably handheld


Lr for some wb adjustment and a crop. Also some texture and clarity and distraction removal. Used the Transform panel to correct some geometry and the HSL panel to boost the luminance in the yellows.

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Hi Kris,
wow, snow in April… I can’t remember the last time we had snow this late in the year.

This is a beautiful scene. Everything is powdered with snow and that probably adds some order to the chaos. This young guy stands out nicely.

When I look at the thumbnail of your picture, it gives me the impression that it is an old photo. The thin branches in the foreground look like scratches or tears on the photo paper. The slight reddish tint reminds me of sepia and reinforces this impression. Very interesting effect.
When I view your picture in full size, my brain clearly recognizes that they are branches.

Thanks @Jens_Ober - it never occurred to me that the tiny branches could provide an optical illusion. So interesting how visual acuity varies from person to person and can be influenced by personal experience of the scene versus looking after the fact. April snows are common and sometimes huge, like this year, but they do have an up side.

Gee Kris, I wish my April showers would bring a little snow for a change of pace. This turned out quite nice and yes the little tree holds it’s own. In fact I think it makes the image for me as it provides a nice contrast with the larger more mature trees in the BG. The larger version is particularly nice with all the details and textures with the snow covered branches. Nothing like a fresh coating of snow as it just seems so refreshing.

Thanks @Ed_Lowe - oh sometimes I just wish it would stop snowing!! But we make lemonade don’t we? I’m glad you think the small tree stands out a bit, sometimes when I work with an image long enough I can convince myself it has traits and characteristics it might not really have. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Come back to this shot in August when you need a blast of cool temps.