Solo Quest

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I went to a medical conference in Denver in late November 2014. Before the meeting I took a short detour to Great Sand Dunes NP, one of my favorite places on the planet. On my last morning in the park I had the entire park to myself until I spotted this hiker getting an early start on his way to the top of the dunes. I enjoy extracting scenes with my long lenses. This was taken on my A77 with a 70-400 lens at 400 mm (600mm full frame equivalent). I followed this guy for quite a while but thought this was the best comp.

Technical Details

Sony A77
Sony 70-400 G @ 400mm
ISO 100, 1/640 @ f8


Hi Bill,
I can very well understand why you call that one of your favorite places on the planet.
That dunes are looking great. I love all that triangle shapes.

And the hiker adds a sense of scale.

Well done!

Bill, I’m enjoying the “otherworldly” sense of this lone hiker in the massive dunes. (Can anyone say “Dune”?? :grinning:) The “sky” of bigger dunes truly makes the otherworldliness.

Bill, I can almost feel the isolation and the effort it must be taking to hike in the sand. The play of light and shadow emphasizes the vastness of the area. The brightest area and sharpest contrast are in the far right of the frame and tend to pull my eye in that direction. I would like to see what happened to those lines.

Wow, what a dramatic scene. The monochromatic color scheme and flat light give an apocalyptic air to this. I think the sense of apocalypse and doom wouldn’t be so strong without the person. Barbara mentioned the strong lines on the right. I think they balance the person because the person has so much visual weight in the frame. And their being cut off “suddenly” adds to the tension in the scene. Kudos - this is really well done!

Someone needs to photoshop in a sand worm coming out of the background. :rofl: