"some sort of wood"

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200


You have to really study it to realize it’s a flipped reflection of the trees. It has a a nice sense of movement. Also the soft light helps to set the mood. Nicely done, João.

I love the shapes, textures and soft subtle colors. I can’t see anything that I would change. Beautiful shot :beers:

Like the graphic feel to this image Joao. I would not have known it was a reflection had you not told me in your response to one of my images. Very nice see.

Oooh, very nice! It does take a moment to realize this is a flipped reflection. I love the balance between the strong verticals at the bottom and the lacy leaves at the top.

Love this one, Joao. It is so dreamy and dream-like. There might have been a temptation to do this in monochrome but colour was the right choice as the blue really adds to dream-like quality as well as giving the image more depth. Beautiful.