Sometimes Lake Nyassa can get quite rough

Manda Wilderness, Mozambique

Leica CL, 18-56

Rough enough to look like a sea shore!

I really like the foreground; there is a lot of interest there. It’s interesting how the roughness of the shore contrasts with the softness of the sky. With the rough water, it creates interesting tension.

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I think it’s pretty amazing how much the roughness of the sea is apparent - yet so little of it is revealed. But of course we see the white caps and the sky is quite gloomy indicating stormy weather. The foreground detail is wonderful.

I think in my view and impression, would like to see this very scene without the tree? It’s difficult to compose with a vertical like this in a horizontal frame - and then tucked on the edge. It’s not a distraction per se, and it does frame the edge, I just think from the nature story and rough sea (ok, I guess a lake) that the tree is a little out of balance for me.


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