Squacco Heron

Squacco Herons are rare visitors to The Netherlands, although I have the impression that over the last decade or so, they are on the increase - still only 1-2 birds per year. Normally very shy, this time one was around that was less scared of people. This is an adult bird. Normally the heron can be seen around the Mediterranean Sea.
For more images, if desired, please check: https://www.hansoverduin.nl/wacko-squacco/

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Technical Details

Nikon Z9 with 500mm f4 | 1/2000s | f4,5 | ISO450 | underexposed 1FS | from monopod


Nice action, Hans. An interesting looking heron. Your low angle did a great job of minimizing the foreground, though if you don’t mind a non-standard crop, I like this with a bit more off the bottom.

I am really enjoying this image. Color and composition work well for me.
The bonus fish in the beak is a big plus! After looking at your other web images, I am really impressed. Just excellent work.

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This is so different, Hans. I mean that in a good way. I’ve never seen that Heron before and it’s a very striking bird. Nice catching the action too.

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A new bird for me. Interesting shot with the fish. Love the environment. Maybe a crop from the bottom to remove some of the OOF areas might help. Not sure. I’d take a look as an option.

Love this shot Hans. Great capture for you and the bird. The bird has nice contrast with its surroundings and I love seeing the habitat. Might want to see what a crop from the bottom looks like but I like this fine as presented. New bird for me too.

Thanks for your comments! @Dennis_Plank , @Keith_Bauer and @Allen_Sparks : cropping from the bottom sure would make for less distractions, but one would also cut out the sliver of reflection that shows the eye. Both options have their upside. Thanks for thinking along ! Cheers,

Hi Hans,

The soft lighting brings out a lot of subtle details. The pose with prey seals the deal for me. Awesome and congrats…Jim

Hi Hans
Thank you for this photograph of a Squacco Heron, who knew they come with rose gold blonde highlights. The soft light really helps to bring out the color highlight. Nice framing.