Stairway to Autumn

This was taken at House Rock State Park in Oregon. I happened to hit it on the right day when the sun was shining and the ground was covered with leaves. I think the variety of leaves in the photo accurately reflect the types of deciduous trees in the forest.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Thumbs up on this one, Chris. Very nice with a lot of depth and those stairs just pulling me into the frame. Wonderful.

Very nice! I love the wide angle view up the stairs, and the leaves are way more than icing on the cake – maybe the whole top layer! Looks like Western Maple country. I wonder about a little Highlight taming on at least the closest ones, though… Just a little.

I really like coming across these sections of trail in a forest. There’s something about rock steps covered with green, and a set of stairs seems transitional to me. Very lovely with the variety of leaves. So often here they look brown and clumpy. :slight_smile:

@Diane_Miller Thanks for the suggestion. Definitely will take down the hightlights on the bright leaves in front.

@David_Bostock @karlag Thanks for your comments.

Chris, such an amazing image of light and color, I should like to walk those stairs !!

@Ben_van_der_Sande Thank you.

Chris, the clear look at the foreground leaves and the covered steps leading into the distance make a very inviting view. Well seen and presented.

@Mark_Seaver Thanks, Mark.