Stump, Lump, & Bump

This pine stump is located on the opposite side of the J-Tree N.P. from my previous posted fallen pine image. This pine stump was poking up from the ground and still intact at that point.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya 140mm “C” lens - Hoya CP - Velvia 50


Paul this is sensational. I sense so much depth here, but I am surprised that you got so much depth with film, especially that close up. Well done, sir. Today, we’d be doing focus stacking to get that much depth. The colors are also so nice too. Wow.

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What @David_Bostock said!! A super interesting shape and amazing 3D structure! I had an RZ67 and actually remember Velvia 50!

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I’d never get this good with a stack - amazing shape and colours, and the composition rocks!

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Paul, I remember this “dog face” or an alternate version of it from a previous post. The details, the colors, the shape and the framing are all excellent. It’s going to like my face any moment…

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@David_Bostock @Mike_Friel @Diane_Miller @Mark_Seaver @Kris_Smith
Thank you each for your reviews and comments on this image. Although Joshua Tree NP is obviously stocked with it’s name sake trees it does have other vegetation such as Oak, Pine, Juniper and other foliage scattered throughout the various desert zones. … :cowboy_hat_face:

Terrific abstract with impressive detail and color.

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