Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I’m starting to get multiple exposures under control.

Technical Details

EXIF data isn’t available.


Nicely executed image Don! There is a good balance across the frame. The light and tones are pleasing to the eye. The repeating shapes are wonderful. I especially like how the succulents in the foreground are more defined but they get less defined in the background.

Was the multi-exposure done in camera? It’s well done.

I think you are doing an admirable job getting them controlled. Very well done. I like how you’ve framed it and how well the repeating shapes of the leaves work within the frame.

Alfredo, Cameron, thanks. The multiple exposure was done in camera. There’s more control when you combine layers in Photoshop but there are fewer happy surprises.

This is a very happy surprise! I love the balance of shapes and colors, and the dancing motion! I’d guess that multiple exposures are getting YOU under control! :grin:

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Very cool, Don. The multiple exposure gives the scene a transparent feel that I really like and the warmer light on the top and sides with the cooler center appeals to me.

Wow, really well done, Don. I like that there are a few bits totally in focus with the rest blurred, but with shapes recognizable.


I agree with the others - well done on the ME. You didn’t mention how many exposures (not that it matters…) but could be as few as 2 (minimum definition of multiple… lol)

The colors, contrast and combination of the exposures are very pleasing. Fun to explore the little details while trying to figure it all out!

Thanks for posting!

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment. :slight_smile:

Don, the balance of nearly in focus and blurred sections of the agave make this image superb to look at. I love the light tones and the gradual change from blur to more blur in the BG.

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