Summer Hummer

Shot this a few years ago when it was much warmer and sunnier outside. I probably sprayed the flower with sugar water.


ISO 1000

Just cropped a little in post and did a few global levels adjustment in C1P. All feedback welcome.

Hi Lyle, I really like this. Nice details and background. I like the wing position. Critical focus is where it needs to be. He’s really going deep into that flower.

I really like this shot. Score! It makes me yearn for the Rufous Hummers to show up where I live. They are not here all year but they are my favorite looking Hummer that is possible to see here. I have Rufous envy.

A very good composition, Lyle, and excellent detail in the hummingbird. There’s a very bright horizontal plant element in the lower right that doesn’t seem to be connected to the rest of the image and draws my eye.