Sunrise at Reelfoot Lake

Canon 7D, 24-105mm f4L, tripod
ISO 100, f10, 1/8s

Any comments appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.


Love the colors! Sky looks fantastic - looks like quite a show. What is also cool about the color is the blue mixed with the strong sunset hues of the sky/clouds giving the water that purple look.

Trees out in the middle of a lake are always a mystery to me - why? how did it get there? Tree first, then the lake filled in? Anyway, great job incorporating and including the tree; solid composition.


Beautiful sunrise colors, Allen. This image immediately reminded me of my late friend Ronnie Gaubert, who was a moderator on NPN1 and did lots of swamp landscape work. Reelfoot is a place I have never been. I think this could also work with a little cropped off the left. That lone Cypress is a fine healthy specimen.

You picked up some gorgeous sunrise color in the sky this particular morning, Allen. The combination of warm and cool tones also works very nicely as does the placement of the lone cypress tree. Looks like a great way to start the day.

Allen, it’s amazing how the inclusion of that lone tree makes this so much more than “just another” pretty sunrise picture. While the colors in the sky and water are great (and nicely processed too), as @Lon_Overacker said it’s that lone tree which creates a sense of mystery here. I also like that small patch of blue sky in the URC, it really helps to break up the color in the sky quite nicely.

Thank you for the comments everyone. I rarely take landscape photos so I appreciate the feedback.
@Lon_Overacker, this is a Cypress tree that can only take root on dry land but survives in water. Reelfoot Lake was formed by an earthquake back in the 1800s.