Sunrise in a pond

The following two are made from the same RAW file. One is a vertical flip of the other. Local tonal processings are slightly different between the two (because visual flow &c.). Curious to hear your preference, your thoughts, whatever that comes to mind. I am open to any discussion.

  1. Flipped Orientation: The flow is more similar to what one would expect when looking at a sunrise scene: the sun coming from below and the light spreading out to the top. The clouds and light arrangement seem to give a diagonal flow from the lower left to the upper right. For whatever reason, this aspect ratio looks better than the original one below.

  2. Original Orientation: This is the original orientation since this is a reflection of sunrise on the pond. The visual flow is more radial than diagonal in this one (to me). I am debating about cloning out the clouds on the top edge.

Rework without top clouds on the original orientation:


Now that’s what I call a sunrise. My personal preference is for the original. IMHO the flipped one is a little disorienting. Yes I would clone out the top clouds.

I agree with @Michael_Lowe, about both the orientation and the cloning – it’s just too obvious when this one is flipped vertically. I don’t mind at all that it is lighter toward the top since it’s clearly a reflection. And I think it’s a gorgeous one!! I love both the tonal and color gradient from top to bottom (or bottom to top).

I love these, but agree that the flipped one is a little too odd. Maybe a tight crop would work better as an abstract. There are plenty of little bits to grab and play with. So that said the second one works better, but I’d like to see a little more reach with the light coming in close to me as a viewer. Right now the flow feel blocked there as my eyes go right to the top of the frame. And yeah, ditch the clouds on the edge.

Rich colors and texture that works together despite being so different in terms of luminosity and shape. In a sense it’s the blue sky that act like scattered clouds in this image.

Outstanding…being a product of the 60’s and actually caught wearing paisley ties I’ll use the term from that era that seems to fit this explosive scene… PsYcheDeliC:ghost:

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Fascinating image. I like the double meaning of some reflections and this has it in spades. There’s this feeling of being swept upwards towards the sunny heavens from the earthly darkness below. I tried playing with the exposure a bit but in the end it’s about how you interpret this vision. It’s very imaginative and I very much like it.

Beautiful abstract image. Definitely the #2 original for me. I find it has a much better visual flow from dark to light. No nits here, an excellent image.

I agree with everyone that the 2nd image is best. Beautiful capture!

Hi Adhika! This is a beautiful image! I agree with the others about #2 original being the best. I’m on the fence about cloning out the clouds on the top edge though. I think @Diane_Miller expressed it well. I’m also a product of the 60s so I have to agree with @Paul_Breitkreuz - Psychedelic!

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@Michael_Lowe, @Diane_Miller, @Kris_Smith, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @Igor_Doncov, @Harley_Goldman, @Vanessa_Hill, @Steve_Kennedy

Thanks, everybody! Very glad to hear your feedbacks. I am

This is a very interesting way to look at this, Kristen. It didn’t occur to me before but now I am looking at those patches of blue sky in a different light.

I attached below the image without the clouds on top.


Not much of a difference for me, but I marginally prefer the one with the clouds.

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I thought at first I preferred the flipped version, but I think there may be just a tad too much detail here for it to be considered ‘minimal’ and the eye eventually susses out what’s going on in the frame. Once my eye had sorted things my preference swung to the original #2 with the clouds edited.

I love both, however – this is a unique balance between abstract and minimalism and an isolated pocket of landscape. The blue of the water plays nicely off the color of the clouds!

The rework without the clouds is the clear winner for me Adhika. Imo the flipped one looks like it was flipped. @Paul_Breitkreuz made me smile with his comment as it dates me also. :smiley:

That final image without the clouds nails it for me. Love this one Adhika.

@swartzfeger, @Ed_Lowe, @John_Williams: Glad to hear this feedback. I am still somewhat undecided about the clouds on the top edge. I think the clouds somehow add balance to the top edge.

I have no idea what you guys are talking about

WOW…how about Haight Ashbury, Timothy Leary, or 63 Split Window Vette?.. :clown_face: