Sunrise Surf

WIth the beach restrictions in place in Costa Rica, we can only walk the beach from 0500-0800. This is actually perfect for getting some great morning sunrise “golden” hour shots.
Cropped a bit and edited upper right corner highlights

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Is there a better way to capture the depth of field in the Surfline with limited light (sunrise)?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I liked the waves going off into the distance, but should I crop it down more at the top?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D500 with PF500mm 1/1250 sec at F5.6 ISO 100, 500mm
Used LR & Topaz Studio 2: AI Clear/Basics plus tried the “Glow” filter at 45%

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Beautifull light you get here. I would crop it down at the top. I got hooked on the wave itself, it’s only when I look around that i spot the top, and notice it.
Just focus on the wave.

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The action, detail, and texture in the wave are amazing. I agree that it should be cropped just a tad from the top to eliminate the distracting vertical marks.

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Hi EJ. The aspect of this image that attracts me is the crystalline left side of the curl. I found myself cropping it way down and dehazing some of the right side.

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Nicely captured, @EJ_Jewett and great suggestion for cropping @Dick_Knudson. That really does get to the essence of it.

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I like your edit of this also, here I was going for the full cycle - cresting to the “Tube”. I have a few other wave shots that show similar aspect of what you did above. It also looks great in Black & White.

@Dick_Knudson 's repost nicely nails this one for me. The crop really showcases the stopped action, shapes and colors.

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