Sunset at Crete senesi

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


More than five years ago I stopped shooting and posting photos of flowers. Recently, during my hikes, I am enjoing taking photos of the angles of the nature that I loved. Now I decided to start again posting images.
Taking and editing photos of flowers and landscapes is a very different job. I need help and NPN is the best site for this.
I was in the Crete senesi, near Siena in Italy, at a quite and serene sunset.

Specific Feedback

I would like any advise and in particular if you too feel the pease and serenity of that moment.

Technical Details

Nikon Z7ii - Lens Nikor 70-200 at 200mm - f/11, ISO 250, 1/350 - Editing RAW converter and Photoshop

Hello Giuseppe! Thanks for sharing this one. I really like the layering and repeating pattern of light and shadow. Overall the image has some color cast, which works in the highlights, but I don’t think it helps in the shadows. Cooling the shadows will help enhance the warm feeling in the highlights.

I can really see where you are coming from with the peace and serenity feeling in this image. The one thing that may take away from that is the “subject” in the line of trees and home, being so close to the top of the frame. I’m not sure if you have more space above in another file or if this has been cropped but it would be interesting to see if more space creates a more open feeling.

Thanks for sharing and hope to see more images from you soon!

This is a gorgeous and classic scene with amazing light! I don’t mind the house being so close to the top but the brighter hillsides at the top are a bit of a distraction for me. It should be possible to darken them to blend in with the lovely shadow just below them. I had to give it a try to see how it worked. A also cloned out the brighter triangle on hte right edge and darkened the cut above the pond.

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@Diane_Miller’s changes are what I thought of when I first saw this image. Marvelous image.

Welcome back Giuseppe. This countryside scene has a peaceful vibe that I find very inviting. I think the couple of small tweaks @Diane_Miller made have elevated an already lovely image another notch.

Or, on third thought, the brighter landscape on top could work if there were more of it (and it didn’t contain distractions) – that way the dark stripe that contains the house wouldn’t be so crowded against the top of the frame.

Thanks so much for the comments and the excellent advices. I will look for the same image with more of the hills in the backgound for an alternative as Diane suggested.

I have not found an image with a higher background. Anyway thanks to your tips the photo can much inprove. I have tried to put into practice your suggestions but I am not happy specially with the darkening that Diane have done so good.

Buon Giorno, Guiseppe. Lovely image, with a very nice feel to the light/shadow play that often happens on those beautiful hills in Italy. I took the image into Photoshop to make a curve adjustment, and a gradient to tone down the upper area that @Diane_Miller had also done in her edit. I felt the image was a bit ‘flat’ overall in terms of contrast. This celebrates the light/shadow even more, I think. It also tones down the area of dirt and trees in LR foreground area. But of course we are all looking at this on different computers, and it’s the final print that would make the decision for you! Well done, overall.

Thanks Brenda, you have done an excellent job. I have not thought about gradient for darkening even more the top of the image. With the higher contrast the image is more dramatic. The darkening of the background puts in shadow the whole right side of the photo and I like it.
Thanks again.