Sunset in Tuscany

Last year I went in Val d’Orcia (Tuscany), an iconic location for landscape photography in Italy.
I would receive comments and suggest (post process, composition or anything else) regarding this shot, taken at Podere Baccoleno at sunset.

Post processing details:
2 images blended (1 for sky and 1 for FG)
Tones and contrast adjustments in LR
D&B with LM in PS

Thank you guys.
ig: masdamb

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This is glorious! I love those times with the sun appears from behind some dark clouds and illuminating what was just minutes earlier, a dark landscape.

The tree-lined road leading to the estate is just wonderful.

Can’t say I have any nits or suggestions. A wonderful image.


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Stunning image Massimo! The sky exposure is just perfect and you got a little star burst as well. The serpent like road leading the eyes directly to the estate and through the image with the warm glow from the sun sun splashing directly on the estate is magic. I really can’t think of a way to improve this image at all. Wonderful!!!

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Very beautiful photo Massimo! My only suggestion would be to darken the bright sunlit area. It is so bright that it draws my eye there rather than the beautiful landscape. I experimented around different ways to do that and what worked best for me was to use a luminosity mask to select that area and then used a new solid color layer of the neighboring yellows at reduced opacity.

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