The setting sun designs the hill

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


It was cloudy and I was mentally ready to pack the tripod but the last ray of the sun found an opening in the sky and it gave me a gift. Shot in the Crete senesi, Tuscany, twenty days ago.

Specific Feedback

What do you think about the composition?

Technical Details

Z7ii, Nikkor 70-200mm at 100mm - f/11, 1/20, ISO 64


Makes me with I was there, @Giuseppe_Guadagno. Compositionally, I like the balance between the far trees on the right and left. Also, the trees coming at an angle from the right provide a nice leading line. The lighting is spectacular, IMHO. Nicely seen and captured.

Giuseppe, the light on the rolling hills is beautiful. I like the panorama crop. I wish I could see more of the scene to the right. My eye wants to make that the focus of the image. The line of trees along the stone wall points to the uncultivated area where the rocks are. The bright field at the RU corner also dominates the scene. I see that as the point of interest. As always, Giuseppe, I envy your surroundings and the richness of the countryside.

Another stunner Giuseppe, beautiful! :clap: