Tarn Rock w/ Repost

Revised based on Suggestions:


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This is from my recent trip to Jefferson Park with @John_Williams and @James_Lorentson. This small scene is on the edge of a long, narrow tarn. It wasn’t easy to get to this spot but I liked the small scene. We were about a week late for the peak fall colors but there were a few small areas left.

Technical Details

D850, 70-200 @ 200mm, f9, 1/8 sec, ISO 64, tripod

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Gosh, that’s gorgeous - what I call a Rorschach reflection! It’s good that the rock wasn’t hidden at all by branches. I don’t know, but the rock could maybe be toned down a little , it’s a bit of a diva. But what a beautiful composition. Five stars!

Just a perfectly-composed scene.

Exquisite Steve. Like I mentioned in my text, I wish I’d seen this. I could see adding just a tad more vignette to really focus the eye on that beautiful center.

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Steve, the reflection is so perfect that this could pass as a vertical doubled construct. It also has nicely impressionistic feeling as presented with the strong contrasts between the rock and surroundings and the variety of colors and shapes. If I want to be super picky, I’d say burn-in slightly the bright yellow/green reflection along the bottom.

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@Mike_Friel, @Ronald_Murphy, @John_Williams and @Mark_Seaver , thank you for you kind comments! Mike, the rock was even brighter in the original raw. I toned it down some, as well as reduced the overall saturation a bit. I’ll tone it down a bit more and see how it looks.

John, I will try a bit more vignette when I try toning down the rock.

Mark, I see what you mean about the yellow/green in the reflection. I hadn’t noticed that before. Thanks!

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Lovely image, Steve! I agree with @Mike_Friel that the rock is a bit of a diva although I would not have thought to call it that - well said, Mike! It is the star of course, but a tad less intense would help balance the overall tonalities in the image. I just love the photo, though!

With respect to your vision, Steve, I find the image to be a bit chaotic. I think either a vignette or and lessening of the colors in the reflection would do the trick. I added a layer mask in which I painted with a black brush at a flow of 10 and then lowered the opacity to 65% . I though this would make the subject rock stand out more.

@brenda_tharp and @gDan52 Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I added a new version at the top based on all the suggestions, including from @Mike_Friel , @Mark_Seaver , and @John_Williams . Did I darken this version too much?

Definitely even better to my eye, Steve. Congrats on the EP.

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This image encapsulates what great wilderness and nature photography is in my opinion. It is an elegant scene that draws the viewer in, exploring as if I am standing there myself. I sure that seeing it in printed form would be quite something. Thanks for sharing this work, it looks like a place that one could immerse themself in for some time!

It’s all good Steve!

@Charles_Millen , thank you for the very kind comment!

This is so trippy! I kept looking at it, looking away, and then looking back at it. What a perfect mirror image! I love everything about this one, Steve. Vibrant colors, that crystal clear reflection and the symmetry. Outstanding!

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Thanks @Bret_Edge ! I appreciate the kind comments!