Terrestrial Wave - Repost

I was looking for a simple composition amongst the dunes to make an abstract vignette to show off light, contrast, and texture. I realize this is very subjective so not sure exactly what feedback I am looking for other than does this work for you? I had to put a 2.x TC on a 300mm lens (EFL 600mm, 1/25 sec, f/36, ISO 200). This is full-frame with just a slight crop to straighten.

Repost with black spot removed:

That is one cool dune abstract, Keith. Very imaginative and well executed. The only thing I’m wondering about it is if the upper section should be just the slightest bit brighter. It would make it easier to notice the detail there, but it might ruin the overall feel of the composition. I don’t know if you already played with that or not.

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Very intriguing image, and I agree with Dennis Plank that a bit brighter background dune would help perceiving the ripple patterns and texture…

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Well seen, Keith. The streak of light zooms nicely across the frame. I like the darkness of both shadow areas. I’m a fan of having to work a bit to “see” some details. The details in the shadow areas show up very nicely in the large view.

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Excellent dune abstract, Keith. I think the background is perfect. It looks too dark at the smaller size, but opens up perfectly larger. I am with @Mark_Seaver, enjoying to have to work a bit to see the details in the back, which are quite discernible.

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@Antonello_Provenzale & @Harley_Goldman, Thank you for your feedback! I really struggled with the adjustments on this one, trying to get the mood I had in mind just right. The reason this one was particularly challenging was knowing what the image looks like on my monitor which I routinely keep a bit on the brighter side and wondering if it would come out a tad too dark for everyone else?

I have a version that has a slightly brighter background which brought out some distracting subtle shadow detail in the background. In the end, the slightly darker version is what I opted for. Though I believe the lighter version is still very viable, it just sets a tad different mood.

Keith, this is great. It’s not often I see a dune image with such a straight division like this. It’s usually all curves and flowing patterns (which of course is beautiful too). This just really stands out to me.

I don’t mind the darkness. There’s still enough detail in it. The only thing I see is a black spot in the lower right that could be cloned away.

Thank you Craig for the heads up about the black spot and your feedback! I reposted the image with the whatever it was, removed.