Tetons Moose

Nikon D500 Nikon 200-500 ISO 1000 F5.6 1/250th.

One of my favorites of my moose shots from the Tetons last fall. I love the interaction between the Mom and calf. She walked over to the calf and touched noses. Amazing to see.

The bit of fall foliage in the background is a nice touch.

Comments and critiques appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

That is some great interaction. I also like the water droplets and grass in the calf’s mouth. I think the color balance is a bit blue so I’d warm it up a bit. It’s a very nice capture.

A wonderful affectionate moment between mother and her young, and you captured it so well, Andrew. I too like the water drops falling from the mouth of the mother, and the grass in the baby’s. Well done.

Wonderful interaction, the mother is thirsty and calf is hungry. The ripples are adding some interest to the frame. It may benefit from darkening the mid tones and correcting the color balance.

Wonderful scene and interaction you captured here Andrew, to my eye it needs a touch of cw rotation.