The Beauty and the Dragon

I always struggle with what to do in regards to the background. Suggestions?

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Larry: I don’t have any problem with your BG here other than the dark blemish on the pad next to your name. You could clone/paint in color there to make it disappear. Love the DF perching on the lily. We used to call these moments party crashers.

BTW, please wait 24 hours before posting another image in the same gallery. You can post all over the site in different categories but we like to have a 24 hour window between posts in a particular gallery.

Ok Bill.

Beautiful shot of the lily and the dragonfly, Larry. The background in this case works pretty well. You mentioned using Lightroom but said you didn’t use Photoshop. I’d recommend that you either get Photoshop or some other package that allows cloning and minor touch-up adjustments as they can be very helpful. Bill mentioned the dark blob, which looks like it might be a cool bug to me, though it’s hard to tell. I’d also be tempted to remove the little edge of a pad in the upper left corner as it tends to pull the eye that way.

Since you do use Lightroom, you could use the local adjustment tool to darken it and make it less of an issue.

Very well seen and photographed.

Thanks Dennis. I appreciate your thoughtful comments!