The best won't be duplicated

I think the best neighborhood Maple I ever found and since I bike around to shoot these, I forgot exactly where it was when I processed it. The only one I have taken that I printed for myself.
I take a lot of these so have no idea where it is in my part of the Portland Oregon area so I can’t find it again.
The season starts again in a month but I have no idea where this one is which is Fine.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any appreciated.

Technical Details

D800 with 14mm f2.8 laying on the ground. f16, .6 seconds, iso200


Tremendous intricacy in the branch pattern as well as color palette. Even the sky peaking through looks good to me, Dan. Best you keep this one a secret even if you can find it. You’ll have traffic jams from photographers trying to duplicate this. Well seen and a great perspective from laying on the ground upside down.

Wow, this is wild. The human brain. It’s a wonderful example of why fractal compositions are so compelling. The colors aren’t really that wild actually. I imagine the most challenging part in composing this image was in deciding where to make the bottom frame. It feels a bit bottom heavy but if you crop some of that then you have the trunk entering from out of the frame. I think you made the right choice here.

I say WOW with Igor. Beautiful !

Yes, mesmerizing. Well seen and captured!

WOW is right! This is fantastic Dan! I love the colors and intricate structures. Simply beautiful! Well done!

Absolutely awesome, Dan. A fantastic image with a really unique perspective. Well done. I may have to try this technique this fall.



Always love your maple images! wonderful pov and the colors are amazing.

Interesting too is that I find the sky, the highlighted areas create a very nice flow, intermingling with the colors and branches of the tree. Everything working together beautifully!

I hope you can find this one again! If not, well you know you have a moment in time that can never be taken away - so you’re good!


The shape/form of the trunk and branches is very compelling, as are the contrasting colors of the leaves. Well done.