The "B's" have it

As long as I take bird pictures I might as well take bee pictures.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Iso-400, 100-400+ extender at 483 mm, F8, 125th, A7R3, handheld, fill flash at -2, slightly overcast, 80% of full frame

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I totally agree, David, Birds as well as the Bees are good subjects to photograph. I don’t get out to shoot landscapes much anymore, so the avian and macro seem to be mostly what I shoot. This is very nice. The rich color of the flower just makes this pop. The bee sure has dove into the flower to get the pollen, but I love the way his eye is showing between pedals. Great DOF, and nice and sharp where it needs to be.

Ahh yes, the birds and the bees… A fine look at the bumble bee, David. It’s details look great. I especially like the touches of orange sheen in the wings and on it’s legs. As Shirley notes, the buried head shows how dedicated it is to gathering nectar.

David: Great detail on the bee and flower and a superb DOF/POF choice. I would be tempted to crop away a lot of the OOF right side, especially to get rid of that OOF streak seeming to emanate from the bee’s head. >=))>