The design of a dalhia

A dahlia designs with plenty of light. We all are at home in jail so I have to look in my archive for some photo not yet “developed”. I am trying to come back slowly after two years with my camera dormant in the attic.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

The light is too high? The contrast too low?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

D800, Nikkor 200mm macro, 1/4, f/19, ISO 800

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Gigi: Classic dahlia shot carried off so well. I especially like the clarity of the petal edges and even the few imperfections. Its really good to have you posting again and I’m looking forward to when you can get out and work your magic again. >=))>

Bill, help me with the “few imperfections”.

Great colors = great image. Thanks for sharing.

Lovely. It isn’t too light and the contrast is perfect. I don’t think you 'd want more contrast, as this is such a delicate subject. And I’m not seeing the “imperfections” myself. Looks perfect to me.

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The light and contrast are spot on Gigi. Perfect symmetry in the dahlia petals and a delightful color palette. Keep them coming!

Splendid, Gigi. What an enjoyable image. Just sitting here enjoying the delicate pedals. Wonderful image. :+1: :+1:

I was referring to some of the slightly ragged petal edges. The capture and comp are flawless. >=))>

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I hope you are well and hope to see more of your flower photos in the near future. This dahlia photo is beautiful. Exposure, focus, and color are excellent. The dahlias that we grow in Michigan sometimes have a few ragged petals. It might be analogous to our fingerprints and makes this dahlia unique. Well done…Jim

What a lovely dahlia. No nits from me!!! Very perfect!

Beautiful graphic image in your trademark style, Gigi ! I hope all goes well for you in these difficult times.

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Flat out gorgeous. The luminosity and glow on the pedals is striking.

I couldn’t think of any improvements and certainly no nits.

The only suggestion or alternate view would be to rotate this 90deg CW to a horizontal. I think the slightly darker pedals on the bottom would make for a strong presentation. Just a thought.


Lon I think that your suggestion works very well because it makes more visible the direction of both the light and the saturation towards the BLC to the URC. The image seems to be more dynamic. Thanks.!
Dalia disegna in tanta luce orizzontale|664x500