The floor show (+ vertical & wider versions)

A vertical crop as per suggestions -

And with an even wider view, my original shot before the 4:5 crop -

One of several boardwalks on the Wood Lake segment of the IAT. It was an absolutely glorious fall day, warm and crisp and perfect. I didn’t do the entire segment, but only the part that circles the lake - about 3.5 miles. This view as difficult as it was to shoot well and to process, just called out for me to try. I took the tripod low to focus the composition on the boardwalk and the leafy carpet. Oh why can’t we bottle days like these?

Specific Feedback Requested

This was a laborious processing session - did I go too far?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Tripod and probably a CPL


Lr for most of the processing starting with lens correction & the global adjustments and extensive use of local adjustments coupled with the new masking techniques including intersecting with luminosity and color ranges. It was fun to discover how flexible and subtle these adjustments are in Lr now. I can go into detail if anyone wants. I also cropped to 4:5 ratio because the right side wasn’t contributing as much as I first thought. There was a bit of lens flare that I minimized in Photoshop with frequency separation - my first time using that tool.


I don’t see any evidence of overdoing anything! For me, you captured a lovely autumn day with perfect color balance.

I agree with Diane, no evidence of over processing. I really like the leading lines through the image. Feels like you bottled that day up quite nicely Kris.

A fine one, Chris. Love the lines and the scattered color within. I have many a day I wish I could bottle up and take with me. At least the image can take you back.

I can see why you wanted this image. It is just a beautiful scene…it would have stopped me in my tracks had I been walking there. I really like the way the boardwalk curves off into infinity.

I really like how the shadows are handled here. They’re evident but subtle. You could also have made a vertical here and not have the rails go into the corners of the frame. The red leaf in the llc is a bit of an eye catcher but who cares.

The processing looks spot on to me, Kris. The low POV works beautifully and the boardwalk takes me into the scene perfectly; especially that little curve taking me around that bend. This was well worth the effort you put into it.

I understand fully why you liked this scene. For me the post-processing looks great (but I have only limited understanding of how to identify “issues” or potential improvenents, try my best to learn by reading comments given by others here at NPN). I agree with Igor on the possibility to make a vertical.

Thanks for the lovely reactions and thoughts - @Diane_Miller, @David_Bostock, @Harley_Goldman, @Mark_Muller, @Igor_Doncov, @Ed_Lowe & @ola. I’m glad it wasn’t just me looking at this because I was there and experienced the wonder of it. Glad it comes through like this, too.

I wondered about that leaf, @Igor_Doncov and decided to leave it there. The vertical crop gets rid of it and too much I think. It diminishes the wonder a bit. Hard enough to crop it to 4:5, but in a sense it imbues it with a little energy, a forward momentum the other doesn’t have. The first crop has more of a sit and breathe it in sort of feeling, the vertical a come on in and walk vibe. Not sure which works the best, but I’m sure both have a place and an appeal. Thanks for the suggestion. I cropped in Lr and then brought it into Ps to remove the lens flare and to cover up some open sky that in the limited area of the vertical, bothered me.

I think aesthetically I prefer the wide version. Both are great though.

Strongly prefer the horizontal version. If you are going to go for the disappearing railroad track look, then completely go for it with the horizontal. I love the backlight here, both in the trees and on the leaves on boardwalk. The dappled light on the leaves and boardwalk is really nice, and I think the increased framing of those leaves by showing more of the “rails” enhances the look of the leaves even further. Thus, go horizontal.

Thanks @David_Bostock & @Ed_McGuirk - I do, too. Put the original pre-cropped version in the OP for comparison. I think it works better 4:5, but am open to widening it since it’s so darn pretty. Trouble is that I don’t think all that extra serves as well as it could, so I cut it.

I like your first post best Kris. Such a beautiful scene with a great lead in.

What a gorgeous scene Kristen. I sure don’t notice any overdoing in your processing at all. I really like the landscape version but I greatly prefer the portrait version. It takes me down a colorful, curving path, inviting me to explore the unknown around each bend and turn without distraction from the elements and I love that. Fantastic colors in this and the leading lines from your low POV make me want to immerse myself in the forest.

Thanks @Eva_McDermott & @David_Haynes - glad you like it and that the different crops have different appeals to people. Such a beautiful day deserves many admirers. I was one of them!