The Green, Green Rice of Home

This week in South Korea farmers are preparing their rice seedlings for planting.The fields are slowly flooded and then vehicles like small tractors are loaded up in the back with the seedling containers which you see here. Off goes the driver and an ingenious mechanism plants the seedlings, six rows at a time, from the rear of the tractor as the driver just chugs along in a straight line. Not like the old days!

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m always struck by how green these rice seedlings are. They slowly change as they mature to a beautiful golden colour at harvest-time in October.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + 12-24mm lens (@24mm), f5.6 1/640 ISO 400. Slight adjustment of Highlights. some small cropping and a little canvas added to the right.


Mike, those are indeed strikingly green flats of rice. They really stand out against the mud (with the shovel a fun extra).

Hi Mike! This is a really neat scene of something so different to me. I like the parallel lines of the rice seedlings.